Does It Work?


My name is Carole and I am 65 years young. I have been with Manuela since Ultimate Balanced Fitness opened and worked with her for several years at Bally's. She is an excellent personal trainer and pilates instructor. Her new studio is so comfortable compared to those huge gyms. The equipment is geared toward a variety of workouts and the Pilates equipment is state of the art. I used to be called the "turtle" because of my poor desk bound posture. Manuela has concentrated on strengthening those muscles that relate to posture and the "turtle" is no more. Her nutrition counseling and weight loss challenges have helped me lose 25 pounds since January. My overall feeling of fitness have been an incredible boost to my self image. I got rid of my baggy workout clothes and am proud to show off the results of our work together.

If you truly are wanting to lose weight or work on balance, posture, and strengthening run, don't walk to UBF. You won't regret it.

Carole Hunt
Houston, Texas

I have had the pleasure of having Manuela as my trainer for almost three years now, and can't recommend her highly enough. As a personal trainer, her workouts are geared to each individual and their needs and limitations. And in her Pilates classes, Manuela always individualizes the exercises for her clients, dependent upon where their weaknesses are. She continues to take classes to improve her knowledge of the body and physiology, as well as stays abreast of the latest trends in exercise.

Debbie Fralix
Houston, Texas

We have been training with Brian Walker for almost two years.  Not only are our results amazing we truly feel fit!   As baby boomers it is important for us to stay healthy and look our best in the years to come. Brian works with us both individually and as a team to ensure we meet our goals in a safe and instructive manner.  Brian's energetic and challenging workouts are just the motivation we need to keep coming back for more!   If you're ready to have fun and get fit in a friendly atmosphere then Brian is the personal trainer for you!

David and Nyra Carlson
I love attending Pilates Reformer classes with Manuela at Ultimate Balanced Fitness. Manuela is very attentive to each person's needs and issues. When I first started Pilates I was having issues with my neck, but when I do Pilates regularly with Manuela I have my neck/muscle issues more under control than ever before. Manuela is also a personal trainer and she is extremely knowledgeable and continues to educate herself on many areas of health and fitness. I highly encourage anyone who is wanting to try Pilates or that is looking for a personal trainer to go chat with Manuela.

Shina R.
Houston, TX
My husband and I have been working with Manuela for 5 years now on Pilates and personal training. We are able to hike and participate in sports activities with our grandkids because of her excellent training. Manuela takes pride in helping each client reach their goal. We highly recommend her studio.

Kathy L.
Houston, TX
I've been taking Pilates with Manuela at UBF for over 3 years. I recently started personal training with Manuela and have been very impressed with the workouts she comes up with every week. It's never the same and you always leave feeling you had a good workout. I love that her place is close to my home. She deserves more clients that want a small, personal workout place that isn't going to break the bank and give you results. You can't beat that combo.

Helen S.
Houston, TX
I have been going twice a week for about a year, She has guided me into a Healthy 60 years plus "Happy Lifer" She is the Best !!!! I love Pilates Reformer!!!! U B Fit!!!

Emilie H.
Windfern Gardens
Also a big Manuela and pilates fan! I know many in the neighborhood are her customer

Cara H.
Woodwind Lakes
Manuela is awesome! I've been taking Pilates from her for about 6 years.

Stacey V.
Courtyard Glen
She's fantastic! Manuela is focused on each of her clients individually, even in class. She's a wealth of knowledge about the human body and healthy habits. I've done Pilates now for 7 years with Manuela, it's a great class!

Louisa B.
Rolling Fork
My husband and I both take class with Manuella. She tailors her Pilates classes to each person's individual needs and skills - all are welcome. No one is made to feel uncomfortable, no matter what

Sylvia W.
Woodwind Lakes
I'm a huge UB Fit/ Manuela fan as well for sure - have known her and attended her classes way back in her Bailey's days. I like that she's well educated and keep staying updated herself in all areas.

Susan J.
Woodwind Lakes
I have been working out with Manuela for over 6 years. She is a very knowledgable trainer both for Pilates and personal training. All sorts of classes are available.

Carole H.
Woodwind Lakes
I wanted to add a male testimonial to the conversation about Pilates with Manuela. I've been doing Pilates with her for about two years and consider it "training for retirement".

Bill C.
Woodwind Lakes
I have not been excited about working out for many years but have needed to in order to fight the challenges of aging and health issues. Having just found Manuela on this site (thanks to Helen) I have to say I am excited about working out for the first time in 20 years! I look forward to getting fit and strong in the future! Thanks Manuela!!!

Rochelle Y.
Windfern Gardens